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Twitter can be used as a federated authenticator in WSO2 Identity Server. Follow the steps below to configure WSO2 Identity Server to authenticate users using their Twitter login credentials:  

Before you begin

  1. Go to, create an account, and register an application on Twitter.
  2. Sign in to the WSO2 Identity Server Management Console at https://<Server Host>:9443/carbon using your username and password
  1. Navigate to the Identity Provider section under Main > Identity menu-item.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Provide values for the following fields under the Basic Information section:
  4. Expand Twitter Configuration under Federated Authenticators
    Fill in the following fields details: 

    FieldDescriptionSample Value
    EnableThis option enables Twitter to be used as an authenticator for user provisioned to the WSO2 Identity Server.Checked
    DefaultThis options sets the Twitter to be used as the default authentication mechanism. If you have already selected any other Identity Provider as the default federated authenticator, selecting this option deselects it.Checked
    API KeyThis is the consumer key generated at the Twitter application registration.wuerRmdgwlqX0oE1WNDdsh17o
    API SecretThis is the consumer secret generated at the Twitter application registration.
    Callback URL

    This is the Callback URL you entered at the Twitter application registration. This is the URL to which the browser should be redirected after the authentication is successful.

    URL format: https://<host-name>:<port>/acs

    The acs indicates the Assertion Consumer URL of the WSO2 Identity Server endpoint that accepts the responses sent by Twitter.
  5. Click Register
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