This documentation is for WSO2 Identity Server 5.4.1 . View documentation for the latest release.

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This section provides information about the expected requests and the relevant responses that the WSO2 Identity Server would generate for the OpenID Connect Implicit Client flow.



Note: The nonce value is a mandatory parameter and it is not provided, you will not receive an Id Token.

Base64 decoded value of Id Token
{"auth_time":1453184484,"exp":1453188084,"sub":"[email protected]","azp":"W2OoSxQDCVrBk1lnffo1NGCKZbQa","at_hash":"DoxjyXzmrL6Z_kWRzmBdCA","nonce":"abc","aud":["W2OoSxQDCVrBk1lnffo1NGCKZbQa"],"iss":"https:\/\/playground.local:9443\/oauth2\/token","iat":1453184484}

The Id Token does not contain the at_hash value because no access token is generated and an access token is required to calculate the at_hash value.

Response_type : id_token token


Note: The access token and the IDToken are both returned to the client.