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Events invoked by an application or a program running in a system are recorded as application logs. Similarly, the application logs of a running Carbon instance displays the log events of its deployed web applications and web services. The Application Logs page has been introduced as a fine-grained view of system logs. While system logs display log events of the entire system holistically, the application logs page allows you to view the logs relevant to a particular application.  

Follow the instructions given below to access statistics on application logs:

  1. Log on to the product's management console and select Monitor -> Application Logs.
  2. The "Application Logs" page appears. This page displays logs of a selected application in a bottom-up manner.

  3. You can see a drop-down list from which a deployed web services or a web applications can be selected to view its log files.
  4.  In the View list, select the category of logs you want to view. The available categories are:
    • TRACE  - Trace messages.
    • DEBUG  - Debug messages.
    • INFO  - Information messages.
    • WARN  - Warning messages.
    • ERROR  - Error messages.
    • FATAL  - Fatal error messages.
    • ALL - Displays all categories of logs.

    For Example,

  5. You can also find a certain log using the search function. Enter a keyword (or part of a keyword) and click Search. When a search criterion is given, the value in the View field is displayed as Custom. For example,

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