This documentation is for WSO2 Identity Server 5.5.0 . View documentation for the latest release.

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The following topic provides a list of error codes in the WSO2 Identity Server. For more information on errors and customizing error messages or pages, see Working with Errors

Error CodeDescription
17001This occurs if the user does not exist.
17002This error occurs when invalid credentials are provided.
17003This error occurs when an account is locked after multiple incorrect login attempts and the user attempts to log in again.
17004This error occurs when the user account is disabled.
18001Invalid validation code.

The key/confirmation code provided has expired.

18003Invalid user (invalid username).
18004Captcha answer is invalid.
18013Unexpected error.
18015This error occurs when sending a recovery notification fails.
18016Invalid tenant.
18017Challenge question not found.
20001Registry exception while getting challenge question.
20002Registry exception while setting challenge question.
20003Error when getting challenge question URIs.
20004Error while getting challenge question.
20005Error while setting challenge question.
20006Error while setting challenge question of user.
20007Error while hashing the security answer.
20008Invalid answer.
20009Invalid answer for security question.
20010Need to answer more security questions.
20011Error while triggering notifications for user.
20012Need to answer all requested security questions.
20013No valid username found for recovery.
20014No fields found for username recovery.
20015No valid user found.
20016Error loading recovery configurations.
20017Notification-based password recovery is not enabled.
20018Security-question based password recovery is not enabled.
20019Error adding self-sign up user.
20020Error while locking user.
20021Self sign up feature is disabled.
20022Error while locking user account.
20023Error while unlocking user.
20024Old confirmation code not found.
20025Failed to retrieve user realm from tenant ID.
20026Failed to retrieve user store manager.
20027Error occurred while retrieving user claims.

Error occurred while retrieving account lock connector configuration.

20029Multiple challenge questions not allowed for this operation.
20030Users already exist in the system, please use a different username.
20031Username recovery is not enabled.
20032Multiple users found.
20033Error loading signup configurations.
20034Error occurred while updating user claims.
20035Password policy violation.
20036Provided confirmation code is not valid.
20037No confirmation code is provided for user.
20038No recovery scenario is provided for user.
20039No recovery step is provided for user.
20040Notification type is not provided for user.
20041Error while validating account lock status of user.

Error while adding consent for user.

22001This password has been used in the recent password history. Choose a different password.
22002Error while loading history data source.
22003Error while validating password history.
22004Error while storing password history.
22005Error while removing password history from users.
40001Error occurred while loading password policies.
40002Error while validating password policy.
41001Scope name is not specified.
41002Scope display name is not specified.
41003Scope name is not found.
41004Scope with the name %s already exists in the system. Please use a different scope name.
41005Scope is not specified.
51001Error occurred while registering scope.
51002Error occurred while retrieving all available scopes.
51003Error occurred while retrieving scope.
51004Error occurred while deleting scope.
51005Error occurred while updating scope.
51007Unexpected Error.
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