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This section explains how to configure and access a gadget named Monitor User Logins that allows you to manually terminate a user session.


In order to use the Monitor User Logins gadget configured, you need to enable analytics for WSO2 IS as explained in Prerequisites to Publish Statistics.

Configuring the gadget

To configure the Monitor User Logins gadget, open the <IS_HOME>/repository/deployment/server/jaggeryapps/portal/gadgets/login-sessions/util/constant.jag file and set the following properties.

var DAS_SERVER_URL = "https://<DAS_HOST>:<port>/analytics/search";This specifies the URL to be used by WSO2 IS to publish session related information in the Monitor User Logins gadget.
var USERNAME = <Basic Authentication username>;This specifies the username to be used to connect to the DAS server.
var PASSWORD =<Basic Authentication password>;This specifies the password to be used to connect to the DAS server.


Using the gadget

Follow the procedure below to use the  Monitor User Logins gadget you configured.

Users with administration rights can terminate sessions of any user. Users that do not have administration rights can only terminate their own sessions.

For more information about user configuration, see Administration Guide - Configuring Users.

  1. Configure the Travelocity sample application for SAML SSO. For detailed instructions, see Configuring Single Sign-On.
  2. Authenticate different users through different browser sessions.
  3. Access the User Portal using the https://<IS_Host>:<IS_Port>/dashboard/index.jag URL and log in with your credentials.
  4. Click View Details in the Monitor User Login Sessions section.

    The currently active sessions are displayed as shown in the example below
  5. If you want to terminate a session, click Terminate for the relevant session.
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