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The transport level security protocol of the Tomcat server is configured in the <PRODUCT_HOME>/conf/tomcat/catalina-server.xml file. Note that the ssLprotocol attribute is set to "TLS" by default. 

See the following topics for detailed configuration options:

Testing SSL version 3 configuration for the Identity Server

SSL version 3 is disabled by default from IS 5.1.0 onwards. It is necessary to disable SSL version 3 in Carbon servers because of a bug (Poodle Attack) in the SSL version 3 protocol that could expose critical data encrypted between clients and servers. The Poodle Attack makes the system vulnerable by telling the client that the server does not support the more secure TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol, and thereby forces it to connect via SSL 3.0. The effect of this bug can be mitigated when SSL version 3 protocol for your server is disabled.

The configuration that disables SSL version 3 can be found in the <PRODUCT_HOME>/repository/conf/tomcat/catalina-server.xml file under the Connector configuration corresponding to TLS (usually, this connector has the port set to 9443 and the sslProtocol as TLS).

The sslEnabledProtocols parameter defines a comma-seperated list of TLS protocol versions to support for HTTPS connections.

<Connector protocol="org.apache.coyote.http11.Http11NioProtocol"

You can follow the instructions below to ensure that SSL version 3 is disabled. 

  1. Download TestSSLServer.jar from here.
  2. Execute the following command to test the transport:

    java -jar TestSSLServer.jar localhost 9443 
  3. The output of the command after disabling SSL version 3 is shown below.
    After SSL version 3 is disabled:

    Supported versions: TLSv1.0
    Deflate compression: no
    Supported cipher suites (ORDER IS NOT SIGNIFICANT):

Disable weak ciphers in Carbon server

A cipher is an algorithm for performing encryption or decryption. When the sslprotocol is set to "TLS", only the TLS and default ciphers are enabled by default. However, note that the strength of the ciphers will not be considered when they are enabled. Therefore, to disable the weak ciphers, you must ensure that only the ciphers you want your server to support are entered for the ciphers attribute in a comma-separated list. Also, if you do not add this cipher attribute or keep it blank, all SSL ciphers by JSSE will be supported by your server, thereby enabling the weak ciphers.

  1. Go to the catalina-server.xml file in the <PRODUCT_HOME>/repository/conf/tomcat directory.
  2. Take a backup of the catalina-server.xml file and stop the Carbon server (same as for disabling SSL version 3).
  3. Add the cipher attribute to the existing configuration in the catalina-server.xml file by adding the list of ciphers that you want your server to support as follows: ciphers="<cipher-name>,<cipher-name>".

  4. Start the server.

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