This documentation is for WSO2 Identity Server 5.8.0 . View documentation for the latest release.

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This section guides you through enabling the logger for OAuth endpoints. 

Before you begin

Shutdown the server if WSO2 Identity Server is already running.

  1. Add the following event listener to the identity.xml file found in the <IS_HOME>/repository/conf/identity folder under the <EventListeners> tag. 

    Tip: You can disable logging by setting the enable property to false.
    Optionally, you can enable logging the token by setting the Log.Token property to true.

    <EventListener type="org.wso2.carbon.identity.core.handler.AbstractIdentityHandler" 	name="" orderId="12" enable="true">
        <Property name="Log.Token">false</Property>
  2. Start WSO2 Identity Server. If the changes have been applied successfully, a new file named transaction.log will be created in the <IS_HOME>/repository/logs/ folder. 

Whenever you generate an OAuth token or perform an OAuth token introspection related operation, the action will be logged in the transaction.log file. Sample log entries are shown below. 

OAuth Token Generation Log
[2018-10-17 19:05:35,578] - Type: OAUTH TOKEN | Info: {"expires_in_seconds":3126,"grant_type":"client_credentials","success":true,
"time_taken_in_millis":38,"type":"oauth","issued_time":1539782861654,"user":"[email protected]",
OAuth Introspection Log
[2018-10-17 19:05:48,654] - Type: OAUTH INTROSPECTION | Info: {"expires_in_seconds":3113,"success":true,
"time_taken_in_millis":2,"issued_time":1539782861,"type":"introspection","user":"[email protected]",
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