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The Inwebo connector allows you to authenticate a user using Inwebo through WSO2 Identity Server. Inwebo provides security beyond passwords. The diagram below illustrates the flow of the Inwebo federated authenticator

This is tested with the Inwebo API version 3.1

Getting started

To get started with the authenticator, go to  Configuring Inwebo Authenticator. Once you have completed your configurations, you can perform authentication with the Inwebo authenticator.

To get started with the provisioning connectior, go to  Configuring Inwebo Provisioning Connector.

Additional information

You have to have Inwebo android or IOS application on your mobile device to go with this authenticator. To download the authenticator and artifacts, go to https://store.wso2.com/store/assets/isconnector/inweboauthenticator.To download the provisioning connector and artifacts, go to https://store.wso2.com/store/assets/isconnector/inweboprovisioningconnector.

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