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Welcome to the WSO2 Identity Server Connectors documentation! An authenticator allows you to authenticate the user using third party authentication systems such as LinkedIn, Duo security and Foursquare. You can configure the authenticators for your identity provider to reach out to third party authentication systems to authenticate a user who logs in to your application. For example, if you configure LinkedIn authenticator as your authenticator in WSO2 Identity Server, you can authenticate a user of your application using LinkedIn authentication. You can also do the authentication with multiple third party authentication systems with a single authentication request.

A provisioning connector allows you to provision the users from WSO2 Identity Server to other external systems. If you want to provision a user to an external identity provider, say for example to Salesforce or Google Apps, you need to Configuring Outbound Provisioning Connectors for an Identity Provider

The following topics provide more information on IS connectors:

To browse the available Identity Server connectors, go to the WSO2 Store.

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