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GoToMeeting supports single sign-on (SSO) that is initiated by the identity provider. GoToMeeting can be integrated with the WSO2 Identity Cloud as indicated in this topic to provide SSO for users of this application. 

In this tutorial you will learn how to configure single sign-on for your GoToMeeting application.

Click the following topics for a description of the concepts that you need to know when configuring SSO:

  1. Log in to the WSO2 Identity Cloud Admin Portal. 
  2. Click on the menu bar on the top left corner and click Applications
  3. Click Download IdP Metadata. The identity provider metadata file will be downloaded on to your machine. 
  4. Login to the GoToMeeting admin console and select the Identity provider tab. 
  5. Select Upload SAML metadata file and upload the metadata file you downloaded in step 3. 
    For more information, see the GoToMeeting Support Documentation
  6. Click Save. You will be redirected to a screen similiar to one below.
    Verify the details and click Save again. 

    You have now set up the identity provider in GoToMeeting. Next, configure the WSO2 Identity Cloud for SSO. 
  7. On the WSO2 Identity Cloud, click Applications on the menu bar and then click Add Application
  8. Select the GoToMeeting tile.
  9. Enter an Application Name and Description for the application and click Add
  10. Enter the application details.

     Click to view more information about application details
    1. Issuer: This is the GoTo SAML Service’s entityID. Leave this as the default value (

    2. Assertion Consumer URL: This is the URL authentication responses (containing assertions) are returned to.
      Select the assertion consumer URL from the provided list depending on the GoTo products that require SSO access:

    3. Display Name: Enter a display name for your application.
    4. Tags: Enter any keywords or tags for searching purposes.
    5. Visibility: Enter role names to define which roles have SSO access to the application.

  11.  Click Save

You have now successfully set up SSO for the GoToMeeting application.  

Try it out

  1. Login to the WSO2 Identity Cloud User Portal. 
  2. Click on the GoToMeeting application. You will be automatically logged in to your GoToMeeting account via the WSO2 Identity Cloud.
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