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WSO2 Identity Cloud allows SSO for custom applications that use various standard types such as SAML, OpenID Connect, and WS-Federation. 

See the following topics for a description of the concepts that you need to know when configuring SSO for a standards-based custom application.

The following diagram illustrates the process that is followed for authentication to an standards-based custom application once this configuration is done with the WSO2 Identity Cloud.

Figure: Accessing an standards-based custom application using Identity Cloud

The above diagram illustrates how a user accesses the standards-based custom application in the User Portal of the WSO2 Identity Cloud. The custom application sends an authentication request to the Identity Cloud using the protocol based on standard type (SAML, OpenID Connect or WS-Federation). The Identity Cloud sends an authentication response and the user is able to log in to the custom application.

In WSO2 Identity Cloud, configuring standards-based SSO can be done using the following ways:

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