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WSO2 Identity Cloud allows creating shortcut type applications. These applications serve as shortcuts for some websites and applications having own authentications etc., but should be listed in a central place with all other apps. 

In this tutorial you will learn how to configure shortcut type application.

Now let's begin.

  1. Select Shortcut from Select App Type.

  2. In Store Configuration, enter Display Name and Access URL.

    This app type contains only store configurations. As the name implies, the purpose of this is to display an application in user portal where you can click and navigate into specific application.

  3. Click Save to add the shortcut app. The added app is displayed as shown below

  4. Click Go to User Portal.  
  5. Click the added shortcut application that is in the user portal.

    You are directed to home page of the website. (i.e. as given in Access URL in Step 2) 
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