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WSO2 Identity Cloud leverages the functionality of WSO2 Identity Server, which is a comprehensive identity and access management (IAM) solution. WSO2 Identity Cloud can cater to identity and access management requirements across many platforms such as enterprise applications, services, and APIs.

Following are some of the most common scenarios that you can solve using WSO2 Identity Cloud:


Single Sign-On
Facilitate single sign-on across all applications in your organization so that users can provide their credentials once and obtain access to any of the applications they want.


Identity Federation
Allow user authentication across different enterprises in different trust domains based on a trust factor.


On-Premises User Store
Directly connect your on-premises user store to WSO2 Identity Cloud.


Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication
Provide a secure and flexible form of authentication that validates multiple factors to determine the authenticity of a sign-in attempt before granting access to a resource.

You can sign up to get started with WSO2 Identity Cloud, and then share your IAM requirement with us so that we can analyze your requirement, provision WSO2 Identity Cloud for you, and grant you access to work on your project. 

You can then get WSO2 expert assistance throughout your project to make it a success.

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