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Ballerina is the premier programming language that allows you to connect apps and services to handle all types of integration scenarios using both textual and graphical syntaxes. Find out more about Ballerina at 

 WSO2 Integration Cloud allows you to create a Ballerina service by uploading a Ballerina service archive (.bsz file), which is created by bundling one or more services together into a deployable archive.

To create other types of applications, see Create Different Types of Applications.

In this tutorial, you create a simple Ballerina service using a service archive file (BSZ) that we provide. This service archive was created from the HelloWorldService sample in the <BALLERINA_HOME>/samples/helloWorldService folder. To learn more about creating BSZ files, see Creating Ballerina archives in the Ballerina User Guide.

Let's get started!

  1. Log in to WSO2 Integration Cloud by going to, clicking the Sign In link and then selecting WSO2 Integration Cloud. If you are not registered yet, the UI guides you through the registration process.
  2. The Integration Cloud opens. Click CREATE APPLICATION
  3. Click the Ballerina Service link under Integration
  4. Select the Local File System option and click Continue.

  5. Enter the following information in the form that opens, scroll down and click Create
    • Application Name: SampleBallerina
    • Download the HelloBallerinaService.bsz to your machine and upload it. 

    • Select Alpine 3.4/Oracle JDK 1.8.0_112 for Container Specification for better performance. When you create applications from an archive file, be sure to select the runtime that is compatible with the environment in which your file was created.
  6. Once the application is created, its homepage opens. Copy the endpoint URL of the service.

    You have now deployed a sample Ballerina program as a service, which is waiting for a request. Let's send it one.

  7. Add the context "/hello" at the end of the URL that you copied in the previous step and call it from your browser. In this example, the URL is
  8. Note that the service receives the request and executes its logic, printing "Hello, World!" on the command line:

You have deployed a Ballerina service in WSO2 Integration Cloud from a service archive file.

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