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WSO2 Integration Cloud provides sample applications of all types supported in the Cloud. They give you a chance to test the Cloud's functionality before creating your own applications in it.

In this tutorial, you deploy and run a sample integration application in your WSO2 Integration Cloud.

Let's get started!

  1. Log in to WSO2 Integration Cloud by going to, clicking the Sign In link and then selecting WSO2 Integration Cloud. If you are not registered yet, the UI guides you through the registration process. 
  2. The Integration Cloud opens. Click CREATE APPLICATION. If you are new to the Integration Cloud, you can also click Create your first application.
  3. Click the WSO2 ESB Composite Application link under Integration. In this example, we are going to deploy the sample ESB application provided by the Cloud.
  4. Click Try under the samples sections.
  5. Enter the following information in the form that opens, scroll down, and click Create
    • Application Name: SampleApp

    Tip: It may take several minutes for the application to be completely deployed. You will see the creation progress on the console.

  6. Once the application is created, its homepage opens. You see several endpoints for the ESB application. Click the REST API URL.

  7. Note that the Swagger definition of the REST API opens. You can use it to send a request to the API.

  8. Using your browser, access the path <host>/hello/{name}.Replace <host> with the value of "host" in the Swagger definition. Give any value as the {name}. Here's an example:

  9. Note that you receive a response message from the REST endpoint you deployed in the Integration Cloud.

You have deployed your first integration application in WSO2 Integration Cloud using an archive file.

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