This documentation is for WSO2 IoT Server 3.1.0. View the documentation for the latest release.
Enabling Enterprise Subscriptions for Mobile Apps - IoT Server 3.1.0 - WSO2 Documentation
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Want to install an application based on the employee's role in the Organization or install an application on specific employees devices? You can enterprise install applications on many devices via the WSO2 IoT Server's app store.

Example: Your Inventory officers keeping track of inventory require a barcode reader to scan the products in order to keep track of the inventory coming in and going out of the organization. If you do have a specific mobile app for this purposes, you can use this option to install the barcode reader mobile application on all the inventory officers, mobile devices. 

Follow the steps below to carry-out enterprise subscriptions for mobile apps:

  1. Set the value of the EnterpriseOperations_Enabled configuration in the <IOTS_HOME>/conf/app-manager.xml file to true as follows.

    <Config name="EnterpriseOperations_Enabled">true</Config>
  2. Enter the name of the user role to whom you want to assign privileges to enable enterprise subscriptions, as the value of the EnterpriseOperations_AuthorizedRole configuration in the <IOTS_HOME>/conf/app-manager.xml file as follows.

    The super tenant user in IoT Server has access to this feature by default.


    <Config name="EnterpriseOperations_AuthorizedRole">Internal/store-admin</Config>
  3. Log in to the WSO2 IoT Server store using the following URL as a user with a privileged role as defined in the above step: https://<IoT_HOST>:9443/store/

  4. Click on the mobile app on which you want to apply enterprise subscriptions.

  5. Click Ent. Install as shown below.

    click Ent. Install button

  6. Select the roles to whom you want to enable enterprise subscription on the app as shown below.

    role based enterprise subscription

  7. Click Install.

  8. Select the users for whom you want to enable enterprise subscription on the app as shown below.

    user based enterprise subscription

  9. Click Install.

  10. Click Yes in the pop-up message. You view another pop-up message upon successful subscription.

  11. Log in to the App Store as a user on whom enterprise subscription was applied above, using the following URL: https://<IOTS_HOST>:9443/store/

  12. Click My Subscriptions. You will have the app on which enterprise subscription was applied added to your My Subscriptions list.

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