We have moved WSO2 Kubernetes Artifacts to separate product specific repositories, and as a result the kubernetes-artifacts repository, which this documentation is based on has been deprecated.
A new kubernetes-common repository has been introduced for Kubernetes Membership Scheme.
Please find the new repository list here, and click here for WSO2 API-M Kubernetes documentation.
WSO2 Kubernetes Artifacts Documentation - Kubernetes Artifacts - WSO2 Documentation
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WSO2 Kubernetes Artifacts (KA) enables you to run WSO2 products seamlessly on Kubernetes using Docker.

Get started with WSO2 KA

If you are new to using WSO2 Kubernetes Artifacts, follow the steps given below to get started:

Get familiar with WSO2 KA
Understand the basics of the KA and its architecture.
Deploy and Undeploy WSO2 products
Deploy and undeploy WSO2 products on Kubernetes.
Try out the Tutorials
Try out the KA real-life business use cases.

Deep dive into WSO2 KA

To download a PDF of this document or a selected part of it, click here (only generate one PDF at a time). You can also use this link to export to HTML or XML.

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