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  • Getting Started with Message Broker in the Cloud

This documentation is for WSO2 Message Broker version 2.1.0. View documentation for the latest release.



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In addition to downloading and installing WSO2 Message Broker (MB) on your on-premises servers, you can host WSO2 MB as a service in a private cloud using an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) like Amazon EC2, or you can simply use the online WSO2 MB as a Service that is hosted on the WSO2 public cloud, StratosLive. Both the private and publicly hosted WSO2 MB as a service provide the same functionality as an on-premises installation of WSO2 MB, but because they are built on the Stratos Platform as a Service (PaaS), they provide multi-tenancy (that is, they use the same infrastructure for multiple tenants, or organizations, while keeping each tenant's data separate and secure), elastic scaling, metering, billing, and more. 

The following instructions describe how to get started using WSO2 MB as a Service that is hosted in the WSO2 public cloud. For information on setting up WSO2 MB as a service in a private cloud, see the WSO2 Stratos documentation. If you need assistance setting up your private cloud, contact WSO2 Professional Services

  1. On the WSO2 MB as a Service home page, click the getting started button.
  2. On the registration form, enter the following information to create an account for your organization:
    • The domain to use for your tenant (organization). This domain must be unique among domains registered on StratosLive. If this is an actual domain, you can validate the ownership of that domain as you register.
    • The contact details of the tenant administrator. The email you provide will be used to complete your tenant registration and notify you of any updates.
    • Read and accept the license agreement.
  3. Click Next. If you selected to validate the domain, follow the instructions to create the validation file in your domain web root and click Validate, or click Skip the validation step if you do not want to validate the domain at this time. 
  4. When you receive the confirmation email, click the link to complete your registration, and on the confirmation screen that appears, click the link to display the StratosLive welcome page.
  5. Click Sign-In, enter the tenant administrator username and password, and click Sign In.
    The StratosLive home screen appears, where you can manage your tenant account and access various WSO2 services, including WSO2 MB.
  6. By default, your tenant account has been set up as a free demo account. To select another pricing model, or to change any other aspects of your account, click Manage Account.
  7. To add users and define roles specific to your tenant, click Manage Users and Roles.
  8. Click the arrow next to Message Broker Services in the left column, and then sign in.
  9. The WSO2 MB home page appears. Bookmark the URL on this page and distribute it to the users you added to your account. The format is https://management.messaging.stratoslive.wso2.com/t/<yourDomain>/carbon/admin/index.jsp , where <yourDomain> is the tenant domain you specified during registration.

You are now ready to start using WSO2 MB as a Service. The home page is similar to the management console of an on-premises installation of WSO2 MB. For information on using MB functionality, see the rest of the topics in this guide.

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