This documentation is for WSO2 Message Broker version 2.1.1. View documentation for the latest release.

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WSO2 Message Broker (MB) is a fast, lightweight, user-friendly, open source distributed message brokering system, delivered under the Apache license 2.0. WSO2 MB allows system administrators and developers to easily configure jms queues and topics, to be used in message routing, message stores, message processors. It also supports transport ws eventing. WSO2 MB is compliant with Advanced Message Queueing Protocol Version 0-91 and Java Message Service Specification version 1.1.

WSO2 MB is developed on top of the award-winning WSO2 Carbon platform, an OSGi based framework that provides seamless modularity to your SOA via componentization. It also contains a range of optional components (add-ons) that can be installed to customize the behavior of the MB. Further, any existing features of the MB which are not required to your environment can be easily removed using the underlying provisioning framework of Carbon. In brief, WSO2 MB is future-proof and can be fully customized and tailored to meet your exact SOA needs.

The WSO2 Message Broker is an on-going project. It undergoes continuous improvements and enhancements with each new release, to address new business challenges and customer expectations. WSO2 invites users, developers and enthusiasts to get involved or get the assistance from our development teams at many different levels through online forums, mailing lists and support options. We are committed to ensure you a fulfilling user experience at any level of involvement with the WSO2 Message Broker.

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