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You can send an email notification once the model generation is completed in WSO2 ML. The email which will be automatically sent to the defined recipient(s), will include a link to the page of the generated model. Email template for each notification type is specified in the <ML_HOME>/repository/conf/email/ml-email-templates.xml file. The configurations you require to enable sending these email notifications are explained below.

Setting the adapter configurations

Edit the following adapter configuration properties defined in the <ML_HOME>/repository/conf/output-event-adapters.xml file  to set the adapter configurations as shown below.

PropertyDescriptionExample value
E mail address of the sender[email protected]
User ID of the sender's email address  sender
Password of the sender's email accountsender-password

The values of the and mail.smtp.port properties in the below example configuration are set for Gmail. However, if you want to use other email service providers, you need to change them accordingly. For information on the properties of the below configurations, go to JavaMail API documentation.

<adapterConfig type="email">
    <property key="mail.smtp.from">email-address</property>
    <property key="mail.smtp.user">user-name</property>
    <property key="mail.smtp.password">password</property>
    <property key=""></property>
    <property key="mail.smtp.port">587</property>
    <property key="mail.smtp.starttls.enable">true</property>
    <property key="mail.smtp.auth">true</property>
    <!-- Thread Pool Related Properties -->
    <property key="maxThread">100</property>
    <property key="keepAliveTimeInMillis">20000</property>
    <property key="jobQueueSize">10000</property>

Gmail blocks third-party applications (in this case Axis2) from using Gmail accounts to send emails due to security reasons. Therefore, if you need to use a gmail account as your sender email account, you may require to enable access for less secure apps in it as shown below. For instructions on enabling access for less secure apps, go to the option available for less secure apps in the Gmail account.   

enabling less secure apps in your Gmail account

Setting the email receivers

You can specify one or more recipients to send all the email notifications related to model building completion (success/failure). Enter the email addresses of the receivers separated by commas for the value of the the <EmailNotificationEndpoint> property in the <ML_HOME>/repository/conf/machine-learner.xml file as shown in the below example.

<EmailNotificationEndpoint>[email protected], [email protected]</EmailNotificationEndpoint>
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