This documentation is for Machine Learner 1.1.0. View documentation for the latest release.
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The key high level features of WSO2 Machine Learner are as follows.

Data exploration

  • Ability to convert datasets into a format, which is suitable for machine learning algorithms (data preprocessing)
  • Ability to do explorative data analyses

Model generation

  • Support various machine learning algorithms in classification, numerical prediction and clustering spaces.
  • Generate models and persist them or download them via WSO2 ML REST API
  • Ability to examine the characteristics of a model (RoC curves, confusion matrices, Predicted vs Actual graphs)

Model comparison

  • Figures that help you to compare models across a machine learning project. 


  • Generated models can be used to perform predictions using a REST API client, WSO2 CEP extension or WSO2 ESB mediator.

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