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Machine Learner UI and Management Console ports

LDAP server ports

Provided by default in the WSO2 Carbon platform.

  • 10389 - Used in WSO2 products that provide an embedded LDAP server

JMX monitoring ports

WSO2 Carbon platform uses TCP ports to monitor a running Carbon instance using a JMX client such as JConsole. By default, JMX is enabled in all products. You can disable it using <ML_HOME>/repository/conf/etc/jmx.xml file.

  • 11111 - RMIRegistry port. Used to monitor Carbon remotely
  • 9999 - RMIServer port. Used along with the RMIRegistry port when Carbon is monitored from a JMX client that is behind a firewall

Apache Spark ports

  • 7077 - The default port for Apache Spark.
  • 4040 - The default port for Spark UI.

H2O port

54321 - The default port to run the H2O server.

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