This documentation is for WSO2 Open Banking version 1.4.0. View documentation for the latest release.
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This document explains how to publish the Dynamic Client Registration API v3.2 in WSO2 Open Banking.


  • Open the <WSO2_OB_APIM_HOME>/repository/resources/api_templates/velocity_template.xml file and add the following handler after GatewayClientAuthenticationHandler in the #if($apiObj.additionalProperties.get("ob-api-type") == "dcr" || $!apiName == "DynamicClientRegistrationAPI") section.

    <handler class="org.wso2.carbon.apimgt.gateway.handlers.ext.APIManagerCacheExtensionHandler"/>
  • Open the <WSO2_OB_APIM_HOME>/repository/conf/axis2/axis2.xml  file, do the following configurations and restart the API Manager server. 

    • Add the following under the <messageFormatters>  tag:

          <messageFormatter contentType="application/jose"
    • Add the following under the <messageBuilders>  tag:

          <messageBuilder contentType="application/jose"
  1. Sign in to the API Publisher ( https://<WSO2_OB_APIM_HOST>:9443/publisher) with creator/publisher privileges.
  2. Click ADD NEW API .

  3. Select I Have an Existing API option.
  4. Select the Swagger File option and browse for the Swagger definition by clicking the Browse button.
    Use the <WSO2_OB_APIM_HOME>/repository/resources/finance/apis/ file to configure the properties according to the open-banking specification. 
  5. You are directed to the Design API stage. Design General Details are loaded for you in the Design tab.
  6. Click Next: Implement to navigate to the next level.
  7. Expand Managed API and set Endpoint Type by selecting Dynamic Endpoint from the drop-down list.
  8. Under Message Mediation Policies, check Select a message mediation policy to be executed in the message flow.
  9. Uploading the In flow:

    Make the following changes:

    Open the <WSO2_OB_APIM_HOME>/repository/resources/finance/apis/ In sequence file using a text editor.

    1. Add theContentTypeproperty below the <sequence>tag:  

      <property name="ContentType" value="application/jwt" scope="axis2"/>
    2. Replace <WSO2_OB_APIM_HOSTNAME> with the hostname of your WSO2 Open Banking API Manager server and save the changes.

      <header name="To" value="https://<WSO2_OB_APIM_HOSTNAME>:9443/ob-dynamic-client-registration" />

    Click  Upload In Flow  and upload the modified  dcr-dynamic-endpoint-insequence-3.2.xml In sequence file.

  10. Click Next: Manage to navigate to the next level.
  11. Under Subscription Tiers, check the option Unlimited : Allows unlimited requests unless you want to limit the requests. 
  12. Expand API Properties and add the following as Additional properties and click the + button to proceed.

    Property Nameob-api-type
    Property Valuedcr

    Configure the open banking specification, API type, and the API version for the DCR API you deploy as follows:

    This is available only as a WUM update and is effective from June 07, 2020 (06-07-2019). For more information on updating WSO2 Open Banking, see Updating WSO2 Products.

     Click here to see how to configure
    Property NameProperty Value

  13. Click Save & Publish.
  14. The published DCR v3.2 API is available in the API Store.

You can find the REST API documentation for Dynamic Client Registration v3.2  here.

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