This documentation is for WSO2 Open Banking version 1.4.0. View documentation for the latest release.
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After a certain period, some bank customers, Banks, or Third Party Providers (TPPs) may prefer to revoke the consents they have given to Third-Party Providers (TPPs) to access account data. In WSO2 Open Banking, you can revoke these consents as follows:

Revoking the consents by Payment Service Users

WSO2 Open Banking Consent Manager is a self-care portal where a Payment Service Users (PSU) can view payments and revoke the consents granted for accounts. The Consent Manager portal is used in the following instances:

  • A PSU wants to view the payments done through a particular payment account.
  • A PSU wants to revoke consent granted to a payment account.

Before you begin:

Configure the consent management application to try out the Consent Manager portal.

Let's take a look at how you can access and sign in to the WSO2 Open Banking Consent Manager

  1. Access the Consent Manager portal using https://<WSO2_OB_KM_HOST>:9446/consentmgt.

  2. Enter the username and password. Click Sign In and navigate to the Consent Manager portal's home page.

  3. The default home page directs you to the Account consents tab of the Consent Manager portal. The payment accounts for which you have given consent to the TPP are listed here.
    • There can be several payment accounts for the same ASPSP where you have granted consent to access different data.
    • The Account consents tab displays the account payment consents created through the Accounts API.
    • The consent statuses for Accounts are listed down:

      Consent typeDescription
      ReceivedThe consent data is received and technically correct, but it is not authorised yet.
      RejectedThe consent is rejected as data is not authorised.
      ValidThe consent is accepted and can GET account data.
      Revoked by PSUThe consent is revoked by the PSU towards the ASPSP.
      ExpiredThe consent is expired. The expiration time can be defined by the TPP.
      Terminated by TPPThe consent type used when the TPP deletes the consent resource.
    • Consents for payments are either Received or Rejected.

  4. Click Revoke to revoke the payment account.

  5. Enter a reason for revoking the payment account. Click Revoke to proceed revoking the account consent.
  6. You can still find the revoked consents under the Account list. The consent status of revoked accounts is set to Revoked.

  7. Note that you can only view the payment consents as it is impossible to revoke a payment that is authorised.

  8. A PSU can view the following information of a payment consent.

    • Payment update details: Date and time at which the payment was made.

    • Consent ID: The consent ID generated for the fund transaction.

    • Permissions: The permissions can be granted to Accounts, Balances, Transactions, Available accounts, All PSD2

  9.  You have come to the end of the Consent Manager portal. You can log out once your consent revocation is executed:

    1. Click the PSU user profile that is on the top right corner.

    2. Click Logout.

    3. A confirmation message is displayed as shown below. Confirm the logout.

Revoking the consents by Customer Care Representatives

The Customer Care portal of WSO2 Open Banking allows users to revoke consents on behalf of Payment Service Users (PSUs). To do this, log in as a user that has the Customer Care Officer role enabled. For more information on roles and the users, see Configuring roles and users.

Before you begin:

Follow the steps below and create a user whose role is defined as a customer care officer:
  1. Sign in to the Identity and Access Management console (https://<WSO2_OB_KM_HOST>:9446/carbon). Use the default super admin credentials:

    Username: [email protected]

    Password: wso2123

    The above credentials are used for demo purposes only. It is recommended to change them in a production environment.

  2. On the Main  tab, click  Identity > Users and Roles > Add > Add New Role and create the following user:




    No permissions required.
  3. On the  Main  tab, click  Identity > Users and Roles > Add > Add New User and create the following user:

    [email protected]Internal/CustomerCareOfficer
  4. Click Finish.

Let's take a look at how you can access and sign in to the WSO2 Open Banking Customer Care portal. 

  1. Access the Customer Care portal using https://<WSO2_OB_KM_HOST>:9446/ccportal.

  2. Enter the username and password. Click Sign In and navigate to the Customer Care portal home page.

    You can use [email protected] as the username for testing purposes.

  3. The consent type is selected as Accounts by default. You can select between Accounts or Payments and filter the search results using the following parameters:

    • User ID: The user ID created for a PSU in the online baking application. This is the same ID used to generate the Consent ID.

    • TPP Application: The TPP apps authorized for the ASPSP are listed here. Select the TPP application that the PSU has given consent to.

    • Status: Select the consent status. Possible values for Accounts are: Received, Rejected, Partial Authorized, Valid, Revoked by PSU, Expired, Terminated by TPP. Possible values for payment consent are received or rejected.

    • Set Date Range: The date range for which the PSU’s consent is valid.

      Use one or more filter options and proceed to search.

      You cannot revoke a payment consent.

  4. Click Search. A list of search results is displayed as shown below. View the Account and Payment consent information by clicking the consent.

  5. Click Revoke.

    • The PSU can revoke the Consent ID by clicking Revoke with a reason for revocation.

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