This documentation is for WSO2 Open Banking version 1.5.0. View documentation for the latest release.
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Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) incorporates an additional layer of security to the authentication process. It ensures the online transactions, online account access, and other online actions are more secured.

SCA enforces the authentication process to use at least two from the authentication categories below.

These additional layers of authentication in SCA could lead to bad user experiences when there is no risk involved. Therefore, Transaction Risk Analysis (TRA) is introduced as a balancing mechanism between user experience and SCA.

You can enforce SCA for WSO2 Open Banking Solution with the use of Authenticators.

  • The WSO2 Open Banking solution contains basic authentication and SMS OTP authentication as out-of-the-box features. See Configuring Default Authenticators for more information.
  • The solution provides you with the flexibility of implementing any type of authentication such as biometric, FIDO, Duo etc. See  Adding Custom Authenticators for more information.

  • The authentication process of the Third Party Provider can also be modified and configured with SCA. You will have to customise the Key Manager Extension in order to achieve this. See Customising Key Manager extension for more information.

  • The default consent page is designed for WSO2 Open Banking. But an ASPSP can customise the consent page according to the requirements. See Customising the Consent Page of the Authorise Flow for more information.

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