This documentation is for WSO2 Private PaaS 4.0.0. View documentation for the latest release.
CLI Guide - WSO2 Private PaaS 4.0.0 - WSO2 Documentation
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You need to configure the CLI tool before you can use the commands below. For more information, go to Configuring CLI Tool.

The following are the available CLI tool commands:

Operation TypeCommand UsageCommand Format
Tenant operations

Creating a tenant

create-tenant -u <USERNAME> -f <FIRST-NAME> -l <LAST-NAME> -p <PASSWORD> -d <DOMAIN-NAME> -e <EMAIL>

Deactivating a tenant

deactivate-tenant <TENANT-DOMAIN>

Activating a tenant

Activate a Tenant via CLI
Partition operations

Deploying a partition

Deploying a Partition via CLI

Listing partitions

Listing Partitions via CLI

Describing a partition

Describing a Partition via CLI
Auto-scaling policy operations

Deploying an auto-scaling policy definition

Deploying an Auto-scaling Policy via CLI

Describing an auto-scaling policy

Describing an Auto-scaling Policy via CLI

Listing auto-scaling policies

Listing Auto-scaling Policies via CLI
Deployment policy operations

Deploying a deployment policy definition

Deploying a Deployment Policy via CLI

Describing a deployment policy

Describing a Deployment Policy via CLI

Listing deployment policies

Listing Deployment Policies via CLI

Cartridge operations

Deploying a cartridge definition

deploy-cartridge -p <PATH-TO-deployment-cartridge.json>

Listing available cartridges

Listing Available Cartridges via CLI

Listing all subscribed cartridges

Listing Subscribed Cartridges via CLI

Subscribing to a data cartridge


Subscribing to a framework cartridge


Subscribing to an application cartridge

Subscribing to a multi-tenant cartridge/ service group of multi-tenant cartridges


Before subscribing to a cartridge, ensure to create the Git repository folder structure based on the respective WSO2 cartridge.

Listing members in a cluster

list-members --alias <ALIAS> --cartridge-type <CARTRIDGE-TYPE>

Unsubscribing from a cartridge

unsubscribe-cartridge <CARTRIDGE-ALIAS>

Undeploying a cartridge

undeploy-cartridge <CARTRIDGE-TYPE>

Retrieving details of a subscribed cartridge

subscribed-cartridges-info -a <ALIAS>

Retrieving details of a cartridge

describe-cartridge <CARTRIDGE-TYPE>
Synchronizing the Git repository of a subscribed cartridgesync <CARTRIDGE-ALIAS>  
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