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Domain Mapping Resource Definition - WSO2 Private PaaS 4.1.0 - WSO2 Documentation
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A sample domain mapping definition, together with information on all the properties that can be added in a domain mapping definition JSON are as follows:


Sample domain mapping definition JSON

The following are sample configurations that can be used in a JSON to define domain mapping for a deployed application:

  "domainMappings": [
      "cartridgeAlias": "tomcat",
      "domainName": "",
      "contextPath": "/abc/app"

Property definitions

All the properties that correspond to the domain mapping resource are explained as follows: 

  • W = Writable
  • R = Readable
  • U = Updatable
  • M = Mandatory (Required)
  • DV = Default Value


 Alias of the cartridgeYesN/AStringtomcat
 Domain name of the application URLYesN/
 Context path of the application URLYesN/AString/abc/app
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