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CLI command
DescriptionObtain information on the available commands.

Sample Output

usage: stratos [-debug] [-h] [-p <password>] [-trace] [-u <username>]
 -debug                     Enable debug logging
 -h,--help                  Display this help
 -p,--password <password>   Password
 -trace                     Enable trace logging
 -u,--username <username>   Username

Available Commands: 
activate-tenant                     Activate tenant
add-application                     Create an application using cartridge groups/cartridges.
add-application-policy              Add application policy deployment
add-application-signup              Add application sign up
add-autoscaling-policy              Add autoscaling policy
add-cartridge                       Add cartridge deployment
add-cartridge-group                 Add cartridge group
add-deployment-policy               Add deployment policy deployment
add-domain-mappings                 Add domain mappings
add-kubernetes-cluster              Add Kubernetes cluster
add-kubernetes-host                 Add Kubernetes host
add-network-partition               Add network partition deployment
add-tenant                          Add new tenant
add-user                            Add new user
deactivate-tenant                   Deactivate tenant
deploy-application                  Deploy application
describe-application                Describe application
describe-application-policy         Describe application policy
describe-application-runtime        Describe application runtime
describe-application-signup         Describe application sign up
describe-autoscaling-policy         Describe autoscaling policy
describe-cartridge                  Describe cartridge
describe-cartridge-group            Describe cartridge group
describe-deployment-policy          Describe deployment Policy
describe-kubernetes-cluster         Describe Kubernetes cluster
describe-kubernetes-master          Describe Kubernetes master
describe-network-partition          Describe network partition
describe-tenant                     Describe tenant
exit                                Exit from stratos client tool
help                                Help for commands
list-application-policies           List available application policies
list-applications                   List available applications
list-autoscaling-policies           List available autoscaling policies
list-cartridge-groups               List available cartridge groups
list-cartridges                     List available cartridges
list-deployment-policies            List available deployment policies
list-domain-mappings                List domain mappings
list-kubernetes-clusters            List Kubernetes clusters
list-kubernetes-hosts               List Kubernetes hosts
list-network-partitions             List available network partitions
list-tenants                        List available tenants
list-users                          List available users
remove-application                  Remove Application
remove-application-policy           Remove application policy
remove-application-signup           Remove Application Signup
remove-autoscaling-policy           Remove auto scaling policy
remove-cartridge                    Remove cartridge definition
remove-cartridge-group              Remove cartridge group
remove-deployment-policy            Remove deployment policy
remove-domain-mapping               Remove domain mapping
remove-kubernetes-cluster           Remove kubernetes cluster
remove-kubernetes-host              Remove Kubernetes host
remove-network-partition            Remove network partition definition
remove-user                         Remove user
synchronize-artifacts               Synchronize artifacts with Git repository for cartridge subscriptions
undeploy-application                Undeploy application
update-application                  Update an application using cartridge groups/cartridges.
update-application-policy           Update application policy
update-autoscaling-policy           Update auto scaling policy
update-cartridge                    Update cartridge deployment
update-deployment-policy            Update deployment policy
update-kubernetes-host              Update Kubernetes host
update-kubernetes-master            Update Kubernetes master
update-network-partition            Update network partition deployment
update-tenant                       Update an existing tenant
update-user                         Update an existing user

For help on a specific command type:
help [command]
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