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When working with PPaaS, you need to primarily work with the PPaaS Console to administer PPaaS. You need to only use the PPaaS Management Console to add user roles and optionally add datasources.

Signing into the PPaaS Console

Deploy PPaaS and start the PPaaS server before carrying out the instructions below.

Follow the instructions below to log into the Private PaaS Console:

  1. Sign into the Private PaaS Console using the following URL:


    • By default, <PRIVATE_PAAS_HOST> is localhost. However, if you are using a public IP, the respective IP address or domain needs to be specified.
    • By default, <PRIVATE_PAAS_PORT> has been set to 9763 for HTTP and 9443 for HTTPS. However, if the port offset has been incremented by n, the default port value needs to be incremented by n.

    For example: 

  2. Enter the username corresponding to your account. The default username is as follows: admin
  3. Enter the password corresponding to your account.  The default password is as follows: admin
  4. Click Log in
    If the WSO2 Data Analytics Server (DAS) is configured with PPaaS for monitoring and metering purposes, note the PPaaS Dashboard that appears:

    If WSO2 DAS is not configured with PPaaS, note the PPaaS Dashboard that appears:


Signing out of the PPaaS Console

To sign out of the PPaaS Console, click on the username tab and select Log out.


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