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The HAProxy Extension is used for integrating the HAProxy load balancer with Private PaaS. Follow the instructions below to proceed with the installation:

  1. Download the HAProxy binary distribution from the Stratos distribution by selecting the preferred version.
  2. Extract the apache-stratos-haproxy-extension-4.0.x.zip file to a desired location such as <HAProxy_EXTENSION_HOME>.
  3. Use a text editor to open the haproxy-extension.sh file, which is in the < HAProxy_EXTENSION_HOME >/bin directory, and update the following system properties:

       -Dexecutable.file.path=<haproxy-home>/haproxy     # HAProxy executable file path
       -Dthrift.receiver.ip=localhost                    # CEP IP Address
       -Dthrift.receiver.port=7615                       # CEP Port
  4. Open the jndi.properties file, which is in the <HAProxy_EXTENSION_HOME>/conf/ directory, using the test editor and update the Message Broker information:

  5. Optionally, update the default load balancer configuration in the haproxy.cfg.template file, which is in the <HAProxy_EXTENSION_HOME>/templates/ directory if required .
  6. Run the haproxy-extension.sh file, which is in the  <HAProxy_EXTENSION_HOME>/bin directory, to start the HAProxy load balancer.

    cd <HAProxy_EXTENSION_HOME>/bin
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