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The below steps help you troubleshoot the PPaaS installation:

  1. Navigate to the wso2carbon.log file, which is in the <PRIVATE_PAAS_HOME>/repository/logs directory.
  2. Login to the PPaaS console using https://<PRIVATE_PAAS_IP_ADDRESS>:<PRIVATE_PAAS_PORT>/console.

    The default username:password is admin:admin.

    For more informations, see Accessing the PPaaS Console.

  3. Navigate to the Applications page in the console and view a preferred applications runtime topology. If the  application is not in the active state you can troubleshoot by following the steps under troubleshooting cartridges or by scanning the PPaaS log.

    The status of each component in the application topology indicates the actual status of the deployment. For more information on working with the application runtime topology see Getting the Runtime Topology of an Application .

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