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Implementation Overview

WSO2 Complex Event Processor (CEP) 4.0.0 is provided as a service on WSO2 Private PaaS. This is implemented by creating the following:

  • Template module

    The template module configures the product in runtime, with a set of key value pairs known as the configuration parameters.

  • Cartridge agent plugin

    The cartridge agent plugin, sets the runtime configuration parameters such as hostnames, IP addresses of dependent clusters, dynamic proxy ports and many more.

  • Docker image

    The Docker image is built by packaging the following components:

    • Cartridge agent

    • Product distribution

    • Template module

    • Configurator

    • Java runtime

  • Puppet module

    The puppet module includes the same set of component as in the Docker image. In the puppet image the template module is used to configure automation.


Deploying WSO2 CEP as a Service

Deploy WSO2 CEP as a service using one of the following methods. 


Deployment Architecture

The diagram illustrates the deployment architecture of WSO2 CEP on Private PaaS. A Private PaaS clusters will be created when deploying WSO2 CEP as a service. 

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