This documentation is for WSO2 Stream Processor 4.0.0. View documentation for the latest release.

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This set of tutorials gives you a complete introduction to the fundamentals and most common usage scenarios of the WSO2 Stream Processor. It is recommended to try out these tutorials in the sequence given below in order to understand the functional flows better.

Tutorial NoNameDescription
1Creating a Simple Siddhi ApplicationLearn how to create a simple Siddhi Application and simulate events to test it.
2Consuming EventsLearn how to handle events when they are received via different transports and in different formats.
3Pre-processing Streaming DataLearn how to filter events that match specific conditions, add default values and to make transformations before generating an output.
4Integrating DatastoresLearn how to store stream data for later use.

Summarizing Stream Data - Short Term

Learn how to summarize data in real time.

Aggregating Streaming Data in Real Time

Learn how to aggregate data in real time in an incremental manner.
7Analyzing KPIsLearn how to define KPIs to evaluate the success or failure of objects and monitor whether defined standards are achieved or not.
8Publishing Processed EventsLearn how to present the output generated via he required transport and in the required format.
9Correlating Simple EventsLearn how to analyze data received from multiple sources in tandem.
10Correlating Events for Complex Event ProcessingLearn how to analyze data received from multiple sources in tandem for complex event processing.
11Analyzing TrendsLearn how to analyze trends by observing the sequence in which events occur.
12Making Real Time PredictionsLearn how to make predictions in real-time.
13Streaming Machine LearningLearn how to make a prediction when there is a limited number of possible outcomes.
14Detecting AnomaliesLearn how to make outlier calculations to detect anomalies.
15Presenting DataLearn how to visualize the processed data via the Analytics Dashboard.
16Managing Business Rules via TemplatesLearn how to Siddhi applications and queries can be templated in order to allow business users to create them to meet their requirements in a simpler manner.

Monitoring the Stream Processor via the Monitoring Dashboard

Learn how to monitor the performance of your WSO2 Stream Processor deployment via the Monitoring Dashboard.

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