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There are two permission levels for a business rules application:

  • Manager: User roles with this permission level have administrative privileges over business rules. They are allowed to create, view, edit, deploy or delete business rules.
  • Viewer: User roles with this permission level are only allowed to view business rules.

The following topics cover how to configure Business Rules Manager permissions.


Before configuring Business Rules Manager permissions, the user roles to be assigned permissions must be already defined in the user store with the required user IDs. For detailed instructions, see User Management.

Configuring permissions

Roles related to the Business Rules Manager need to be added under the component namespace in the <SP_HOME>/conf/ dashboard/deployment.yaml file.

The following is a sample configuration of user roles for the Business Rules Manager.
      - name: role1
        id: 1
      - name: role2
        id: 2
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