This documentation is for WSO2 Stream Processor 4.1.0. View documentation for the latest release.

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The Siddhi files you create in the Stream Processor Studio are saved in the <SP_HOME>/wso2/editor/deployment/workspace directory by default. If you want to save a Siddhi file in a different location, you can export it to the required location as explained below.

  1. Start WSO2 SP in the editor mode and access the Stream Processor Studio. For detailed instructions, see Starting Stream Processor Studio. The Stream Processor Studio opens as shown below.
  2. Open the Siddhi application you want to export. You can click Open and select a Siddhi application that is already saved in the <SP_HOME>/wso2/editor/deployment/workspace directory. 
  3. Click File => Export File.

    This opens the native file browser opens as shown below.
  4. Browse for the required directory path and click Save.

This functionality differs based on the web browser you are using and its settings. e.g., if you have set a default download location and disabled the Ask where to save each file before downloading feature as shown below, the file is downloaded to the default location without prompting you for any further input.

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