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The Forget-me tool is shipped with WSO2 SP by default in the <SP_HOME>/wso2/tools/identity-anonymization-tool-x.x.x directory. If required, you can change the default location of the configurations of this tool or make changes to the default configurations. You can also run the Forget-me tool in the standalone mode.

Changing the default configurations location

You can change the default location of the tool configurations if desired. You may want to do this if you are working with a multi-product environment where you want to manage configurations in a single location for ease of use. Note that this is optional.

To change the default configurations location for the embedded tool, do the following:

  1. Open the file found inside the <SP_HOME>/bin directory.

  2. The location path is the value given after -d  within the following line. Modify the value after -d to change the location.

    The default location path is $CARBON_HOME/repository/components/tools/forget-me/conf. 

    sh $CARBON_HOME/repository/components/tools/identity-anonymization-tool/bin/forget-me -d $CARBON_HOME/repository/components/tools/identity-anonymization-tool/conf -carbon $CARBON_HOME $@

Changing the default configurations of the tool

All configurations related to this tool can be found inside the <SP_HOME>/wso2/tools/identity-anonymization-tool/conf directory. The default configurations are set up as follows:

  • Read Logs: <SP_HOME>/wso2/<PROFILE>/logs
  • Read Datasource: <SP_HOME>/conf/<PROFILE>deployment.yaml file
  • Log file name regex:   The regex patterns defined in all the files in the <SP_HOME>/wso2/tools/identity-anonymization-tool/conf/log-config directory are considered.

For information on changing these configurations, see Configuring the config.json file in the Product Administration Guide.

Running the Forget-me tool in the standalone mode

This tool can run standalone and therefore cater to multiple products. This means that if you are using multiple WSO2 products and need to delete the user's identity from all products at once, you can do so by running the tool in standalone mode.
For information on how to build and run the Forget-Me tool, see Removing References to Deleted User Identities in WSO2 Products in the WSO2 Administration Guide.

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