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In WSO2 SP, event streams specify the schema for events to be selected into the SP event flow to be processed. This schema can include user IDs and other PII (Personally Identifiable Information) that you want to delete from log files and such. This can be done via the Forget-me Tool.

Step 1: Configure the config.json file

The <SP_HOME>/wso2/tools/identity-anonymization-tool-x.x.x/conf/config.json file specifies the locations from which persisted data need to be removed.

The log-file processor is specified in the configuration file of the Forget-Me tool as shown on the sample below in order to remove data with PII from the logs. If you have configured logs with PII to be saved in another location, you can add it to this list of processors.

  "processors" : [
  "directories": [
      "dir": "log-config",
      "type": "log-file",
      "processor" : "log-file",
      "log-file-path" : "logs",
      "log-file-name-regex" : "(.)*"

This extract shows the default configuration of WSO2 SP. SP only saves PII in log files by default. Therefore, this configuration allows the Forget-me tool to delete these logs that are saved in <SP_HOME>/wso2/<PROFILE>/logs directory.

Step 2: Execute the Forget-me tool

To execute the Forget-me tool, issue the following command pointing to the <SP_HOME> directory.

forget-me -U <USERNAME> -d <CONF_DIR> -carbon <SP_HOME>

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