This documentation is for WSO2 Stream Processor 4.2.0. View documentation for the latest release.

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WSO2 SP version 4.2.0 is the successor of version 4.1.0.  It contains the following new features and enhancements.


Some of the new prominent capabilities of WSO2 SP are as follows:

  • The enhanced design view of the Stream Processor Studio that allows you to design Siddhi applications by dragging and dropping Siddhi components. For more information, see Working with the Design View.
  • Fully distrubuted setup supports the Kafka source as well as other sources.
  • The status dashboard allows you to monitor statistics relating to distributed Siddhi Applications. For more information, see Viewing Statistics for Parent Siddhi Applications.
  • Dashboard Designer improvements. 
  • Interconnecting widgets in the Dashboard to create publisher-subscriber relationshipls.
  • Widgets can be designed  to display statistics received via a websocket provider
  • Tracing messages via the Message Tracer solution.
  • Analyzing events received via HTTP using the HTTP Analytics solution.
  • Analyzing events received via Twitter using the Twitter Analytics solution.

Fixed Issues

For a list of fixed issues in this release, see WSO2 SP 4.2.0 - Fixed Issues.

Known issues

For a list of known issues in this release, see WSO2 SP 4.2.0 - Known Issues.

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