This documentation is for WSO2 Stream Processor 4.4.0 (the latest version of WSO2 SP. View documentation for the Streaming Integrator, the successor of WSO2 SP.

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The first step in stream processing is to collect the data that needs to be analyzed. Collection of data is done through Siddhi source which can be defined via  @source() annotation on a steam.

To collect data to be processed a stream should have been defined in the Siddhi Application along with the @source() annotation and deployed in WSO2 SP. Here a single SiddhiApp can contain multiple streams and each of those steams can also contain multiple @source() annotations. 

Example Input Source definition as below.

@Source(type = 'http',        
        @map(type='json', @attributes( name='$.name', amount='$.quantity')))
define stream SweetProductionStream (name string, amount double);

The source defines the following :

  • Input source type: via type = 'http'
  • Source type configurations (This is optional. In this example http source type configurations are defined via receiver.url='http://localhost:8006/productionStream', basic.auth.enabled='false')
  • Input message format: with @map() sub-annotation.
  • Custom attribute mapping of the input message format (optional): with optional @attributes( name='$.name', amount='$.quantity') sub-annotation of @map.

A source could also be defined externally, and referred to from several siddhi applications as described below,Multiple sources can be defined in the <SP HOME>/conf/<PROFILE>/deployment.yaml file. A <PROFILE> could refer to dashboard, editor, manager or worker. The following is a sample configuration of a source.


        name: 'source1'
        type: '<store.type>'
          <property1>: <value1>
          <property2>: <value2>
You can refer to a source configured in the  <SP HOME>/conf/<PROFILE>/deployment.yaml file from a Siddhi application as shown in the example below.

@Source(ref='source1', basic.auth.enabled='false',
        @map(type='json', @attributes( name='$.name', amount='$.quantity')))
define stream SweetProductionStream (name string, amount double);

For detailed instructions to configure a source, see Siddhi Guide - Source.

Source types

WSO2 SP supports following source types out of the box, to receive events via corresponding transports. Click on the required source type for instructions to configure a source to receive events via them.

Event format

WSO2 Siddhi allows events to be received in multiple formats. The following formats are currently supported. Once an event is received in a specific format, it is internally converted to a Siddhi event so that it can be processed by applying the WSO2 Siddhi logic. Click on the required format for detailed information on how a source can be configured to receive events in that format.

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