This documentation is for WSO2 Stream Processor 4.4.0 (the latest version of WSO2 SP. View documentation for the Streaming Integrator, the successor of WSO2 SP.

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The Dashboard Portal allows you to visualize the results of the analysis carried out by WSO2 SP in graphical representations. The following topics explain how to start, run and work with the Dashboard Portal of WSO2 SP.

Starting the Dashboard Portal

To start the Dashboard Portal, run one of the following commands from the <SP_HOME>/bin directory:

  • On Windows:  dashboard.bat --run
  • On Linux/Mac OS:  sh

Accessing the Dashboard Portal

Once the server has started, use one of the following URLs to access the Dashboard Portal:

ProtocolURL FormatExample

The URLs given above are default. If required, you can change the IP address (i.e., localhost) or the web UI application name (i.e., portal). For instructions, see Changing the Host Name and Context Path of SP Web Applications.

Using the Dashboard Portal

When you access the Dashboard Portal using one of the links given above, you will be prompted for login to the dashboard. Let's provide default admin login credentials for the moment. (username : admin password : admin )

Upon successful login, following page appears with the list of dashboards that are currently available.

You can carry out the following tasks in the Dashboard Portal:

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