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To create a new dashboard, follow the procedure below:

  1. Start and access the WSO2 SP Dashboard Portal. For more information, see Visualizing Data.
  2. Click + to open the Create a Dashboard page.

    The following buttons appear as a result.

    Click Create Dashboard to open the Dashboard Designer wizard.
  3. In the Create a Dashboard page, enter information as follows:

    Name of your DashboardEnter a unique name for your dashboard.Sales Statistics
    URLEnter a URL for the dashboard.sales-stats
    DescriptionEnter a description about the dashboard.Monthly Sales Statistics

  4. Click Add to save the dashboard. A basic dashboard is created and you are redirected to the home page of the dashboard that is created by default.
  5. To add a widget to this page, click the Widgets icon.
    The widget list is displayed in the left panel as follows:

    Widgets that you see in the left panel are a set of sample widgets that are shipped with the portal. You can generate or manually create your own widgets and get them listed here. For more information, see Generating Widgets and Creating Custom Widgets.

  6. Drag and drop a required widget in to the dashboard container as shown below.

    You can click the Delete icon on the widget container to remove a widget that is already added to the dashboard. 

  7. To view the dashboard you created, click Portal.

    The list of available dashboards opens as shown below, and the Sales Statistics dashboard you created is included in the list.

Where to go next?

You can continue to add pages and widgets to the dashbard and also control access to your dashboard. For detailed instructions see the following topics:

  • If you click Back without further editing the dashboard, you can continue to edit this dashboard later by following the instructions in Editing Dashboards.

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