This documentation is for WSO2 Storage Server 1.0.3. View documentation for the latest release.
Creating a User Role - Storage Server 1.0.3 - WSO2 Documentation
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Roles contain permissions for users to manage the Server. You can create different roles with various combinations of permissions and assign them to a user or a group of users.

Follow the instructions below to create a user role.

1. Log on to the product's Management Console and select "Users and Roles" under the "Configure" menu.

For example,

users and roles

2. In the "User Management" window which appears, click the "Roles" link.

user management

3. In the "Roles" window, click on the "Add New Role" link.

add new user role

4. Enter the name for the role and click "Next". You can also click "Finish", in which case, the new roles will be created with default permissions (none) and no assigned users.

Add user role

5. If you proceed, you will be asked to select permission for the new role. Click "Next" once done.

select permission

6. Select the users that will be assigned to the role. You can conduct a search by name, or view all users by entering "*" into the search field.

Add new role

Click the "Finish" button once user is selected.

7. The new role is added to the list.

Add new role

When Adding Roles to External User Stores

  • Some external user stores do not allow you to create empty roles. In that case, selecting users who belong to a role is mandatory.
  • If you connect to an external user store in read only mode, you can read existing roles from it but you can not edit/delete the roles. In this case, you can still create new roles which are editable and can be managed internally.
  • If you connect to an external user store in read/write mode, you can edit the roles in the external user store as well.

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