This documentation is for WSO2 Storage Server 1.0.3. View documentation for the latest release.
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The following samples are available to demonstrate different functionality of the WSO2 Storage Server.

Relational Store Service Samples

Sample NameSummary
Consume Data in RSS DB Using a Web ApplicationWeb application deployed in WSO2 application server consumes data in the RSS DB.
Expose data with Data ServicesDemonstrates some basic SQL operations on a DB created by RSS.

Column Store Service Samples

Sample NameSummary
Demonstrates how to develop a Cassandra back-end Web application and keyspaces.
Demonstrates WSO2 SS deployment and multetenancy using simple keysapce and column family operations.
Counts the number of keys in a column family using 'Cassandra column family key counter'.

HDFS Samples

Sample NameSummary
Demonstrates an HDFS client that connects with Hadoop file system and creates a file.


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