This documentation is for WSO2 Storage Server 1.1.0. View documentation for the latest release.
Monitor RSS Statistics Using BAM Toolbox - Storage Server 1.1.0 - WSO2 Documentation
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This toolbox is a tool to monitor statistics of a RSS managed by WSO2 Storage Server. You have to install this toolbox in WSO2 BAM, and start the statistics publisher in Storage Server. Then statistics can be viewed in the BAM dashboard graphically. The following instructions should be followed to setup the toolbox.

  1. Stop the BAM server if it is already started.
  2. Open master-datasources.xml in BAM_HOME/repository/conf/datasources, and add the WSO2SS_STAT_DATASOURCE data source. This is where summarized data is stored. Add the following XML element to the <datasources> section and make the necessary changes.

    	<description>The datasource used for ss stat analyzer</description>
    	<definition type="RDBMS">
    			<validationQuery>SELECT 1</validationQuery>
  3. Restart the BAM server.
  4. Stop Storage Server if it is already started.
  5. To start RSS statistics publisher, open rss-monitor-config.xml in SS_HOME/repository/conf/etc, and set the <monitoringEnable> setting to true (default is false).
  6. Set <bamSecureUrl> and <bamReceiverUrl> as well.
  7. Give cron expression in <cronExpression> to schedule the publisher.
  8. Provide BAM admin credentials.
  9. Restart the Storage Server.

    Port offset might need to be changed.

  10. In BAM, login to the dashboard in the left panel.

Now published RSS statistics will be shown in the dashboard.

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