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WSO2 Storage Server has the key features listed below. For the relevant versions of the applications used as features, see Compatibility of WSO2 Products.



Storage technology agnostic provisioning
  • Wide range of storage systems supported:
    • NoSQL stores: Cassandra
    • Unstructured stores (file systems): HDFS
    • Relational stores: MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and Oracle
  • Operations Supported:
    • Manage databases
    • Manage users/permissions
  • Choose from default set of layouts or create your own personalized layout
  • Policy driven provisioning (Coming Soon)
    • Based on QoS/SLA parameters
Complete Storage as a Service
  • Monitor storage capacity and bandwidth (Coming soon)
  • Predefined usage policies for billing (Coming soon)
  • Horizontal scaling with elasticity (using S2 DB cartridges) (Coming soon)
  • Database migration to larger clusters
  • Setting up of database clusters for vertical scaling
Complete application lifecycle support
  • Database initialization
  • Data migration
  • Data backup and recovery


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