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This page takes you through the steps for upgrading from SS 1.1.0 version to SS 1.5.0. For more information on release versions, see the Release Matrix

Preparing to upgrade 

The following prerequisites must be completed before upgrading:

  • Make a backup of the SS 1.1.0 database and copy the <SS_HOME_1.1.0> directory in order to backup the product configurations.
  • Download WSO2 Storage Server 1.5.0 from http://wso2.com/products/storage-server/.

The downtime is limited to the time taken for switching databases when in the production environment. 

Upgrading the database

  1. Before you upgrade to SS 1.5.0, create a new database and restore the backup of the old database in this new database.

    You should NOT connect a new version of WSO2 SS to an older database that has not been upgraded.

  2. Execute the relevant migration script as explained below. This will ensure that the new database is updated with the new tables and schemas required for SS 1.5.0.

Once you run the migration scripts on the new database, it becomes the upgraded database for SS 1.5.0.

Migrating the configurations

Once you have completed the database upgrade as explained in the previous steps, you must migrate the configurations from SS 1.1.0 to AS 1.5.0 as explained below.

Updating the configuration files

The following are the updates that need to be done to the configuration files in SS 1.5.0.

Note that configuration files should not be copied directly between servers.

  1. If your system is used for provisioning RDBMSs, see the topics on configuring the RSS metadata repository and configuring RSS environments and change the relevant configuration files accordingly.
  2. If your system is used for provisioning Cassandra, see the topic on configuring Cassandra environments and change the relevant configuration files accordingly.
  3. Check for any other configurations that were done for SS 1.1.0 (based on your solutions), and update the configuration files in SS 1.5.0 accordingly. For example, external user stores, caching, mounting, etc. 

  4. Start the server.

Testing the upgrade

Verify that all the required scenarios are working as expected with SS 1.5.0. This confirms that the upgrade is successful.

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