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WSO2 is pleased to recognize the security researchers who have helped making WSO2 products and services safer by finding and responsibly reporting security vulnerabilities. Each name listed here, represents an individual or a company who has reported one or more security vulnerabilities in our products or services and worked with us to rectify the issue.

However, please note that WSO2 maintained websites (including wso2.com) are currently not considered for proceeding with acknowledgement. Refer our Security Reward and Acknowledgement Program for knowing more on our security researcher community relationship.

Abin Joseph
Abdulrahman Nour (redforce.io)
Adesh Nandkishor Kolte
Ahmed Aboul-Ela
Akalanka Ekanayake
Avinash Jain
Bawantha Chandula (Team Hawk Security)
Cameron Dawe (Spam404)
Daniel Kalinowski
Guhan Raja.L (Havoc)
Himanshu Rahi
Hari Namburi
Jakub Palaczynski
John Page aka hyp3rlinx
Juba Baghdad
Julien Oury--Nogues
Lukasz Juszczyk
Manuel Alejandro Fernández Casado (Equipo M45)
Marcin Suchocki
Marcin Woloszyn

Mohammed Adel

Osanda Malith Jayathissa
Paweł Gocyla
Pradipta Das
Pubudu Priyashan Iddamalgoda (Team Hawk Security)
Quentin Biguenet
Sajibe Kanti
Samir Hadji 
Samitha Madhusanka
Sathish Kumar (Cyber Security Works Pvt Ltd)
Soner Soydinc
Sreedeep.Ck Alavil (Volunteer Commander, Kerala Police Cyber Dome)
Suyog Palav
Tawfik Bakache
Valentin Giraud ( OKIOK )
Werner Schober (SEC Consult Vulnerability Lab)
Wolfgang Ettlinger (SEC Consult Vulnerability Lab)

We thank you for helping us keep WSO2 products and services safe !

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