This documentation is for WSO2 Stratos 2.0.0. View the latest Apache Stratos documentation.
Providing Support for a New IaaS Provider - Stratos 2.0.0 - WSO2 Documentation
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  1. The IaaS provider implementation (e.g., extend the Iaas abstract class provided by Cloud Controller. 
  2. Wrap the implementation in an OSGi bundle. It should be a fragment bundle of the Cloud Controller. This via your bundle's pom file.  
    Add the following line as a configuration instruction of maven bundle plugin:



    {symbolic-name-of-cloud-controller} =
  3.  Add the cloud-controller component as a dependency in your bundle’s pom file. 
  4.  Drop the built bundle to {WSO2-CC}/repository/components/dropins/. Define the IaasProvider you are going to add and your implementation class in the Cloud Controller's cloud-controller.xml.
    Now, you can start using the newly added IaaS in your Cartridge.


          <iaasProvider type="vcloud" name="vcloud specific details">
            <identity svns:secretAlias="cloud.controller.vcloud.identity"/>
            <credential svns:secretAlias="cloud.controller.vcloud.credential"/>
            <property name="securityGroups" value="default"/>
                  <property name="instanceType" value="m1.large"/>
                  <property name="keyPair" value="abc-key"/>


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