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If you are new to WSO2 updates, here is how to install WUM and update your product for the first time:

  1. Get a valid WSO2 subscription or subscribe to our free trial.
  2. If you have a proxy server/firewall, grant access to the endpoints mentioned below.

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    WUM gets updates by connecting to the,,, and endpoints in the WSO2 Update service. If your system connects to the Update service through a proxy server/firewall, grant access to these endpoints.
    Since WUM is a command-line tool, the proxy should be configured from your command-line as follows: 

    export http_proxy=http://username:[email protected]:port/

    If you are behind an NTLM proxy, you can use a third party tool like  CNTLM  to do the NTLM proxy authentication. See the CNTLM documentation for instructions.

  3. Download and install WUM from
    The UI guides you through the process.
  4. Execute the following command on the command-line to initialize WUM. 

    wum init
  5. When prompted, give the WSO2 subscription's user credentials.

    Note that the following directory is created in your computer:

    • On Unix: ~/.wum3
    • On Windows: C:\users\<username>\.wum3
  6. WUM updates are available only for the WSO2 product versions listed in Let's start by downloading a vanilla product distribution.

    //Search for an available product
    wum search <keyword>
    E.g., wum search am
    //Download the product
    wum add <product>
    E.g., wum add wso2am-2.5.0
  7. Check whether the product has any recent updates using the following command:

    wum check-update <product>
    E.g., wum check-update wso2am-2.5.0
  8. Execute the following command to start updating your product:

    wum update <product>
    E.g., wum update wso2am-2.5.0

    Note that the directory path of the new distribution appears on your terminal. You also get an email with details.

What's next? Get continuous updates.

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