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  1. Access the WSO2 API Cloud Admin portal via, and sign in with your credentials.
  2. On the left navigator, click to expand the LOG ANALYZER section, and then click DOWNLOAD LOGS.

    This displays the Download logs page.

  3. Select the required log Type and the Date for which you want to download the logs. This displays a download link to download the log files.


    If necessary it is possible to retrieve the logs for the current day. However, these log files are updated every 30 minutes.

  4. Click the download link that appears. This dowloads downloads a ZIP file.


    The download link that is displayed expires in 5 minutes. A timer indicates how much time is left for the download link to expire. If you were not able to download the log file before the the link expired, you can select the same log type and date to re-generate the download link.

  5. Extract the ZIP file to view the log files.